wtorek, 25 czerwca 2013
Future tenses (w pigułce).

niedziela, 23 czerwca 2013
Defining relative clauses - zdania przydawkowe.

sobota, 22 czerwca 2013
Past habit – used to/would/past simple. Test.


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When...? and How long? ... FOR and SINCE

niedziela, 24 marca 2013
PRESENT TENSES (I am going to) for the future

Use the present continuous to say what you have already arranged to do.

  Do not use the present simple I do

  • What are you doing on Saturday evening? (not 'what do you do')

I'm going  to the theatre (not I go)

  • What time is Cathy arriving tomorrow? 

At 10.30. I'm meeting her at the station.

  • I'm not working tomorrow, co we can go out somewhere.

Ian isn't playing football on Saturday. He's hurt his leg.

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